We believe in brewing tasty beer and saving the Ocean

Drinking Ocean Beer is one of the simplest ways you can help protect the ocean and planet. Ocean Beer is an endowment for the ocean and the most unlikely warrior in the fight against climate change. The fact that it is an award-winning, premium beer brewed with natural and high-quality ingredients is just beside the point…

100% Profits for the Ocean


awarded in grants since January 2021

This is how much we were able to donate thanks to you choosing Ocean Beer! We’re pretty proud and hope you are too. “Where does it go?” we hear you ask…

Ocean Beer invests in high impact organisations with incredible teams of activists and scientists steering them, each tackling the problem from a different angle but all aligned in their goal to restore and protect the ocean and its marine life.

Learn more about these initiatives:

UN Ocean Summit - Lisboa 2022

Our Mission

“To restore and protect the ocean by creating a crisp and refreshing beer that turns whoever drinks it into an Ocean Warrior.”

Carolina Manhusen Schwab
President & Co-Founder

Carolina Manhusen Schwab
Sylvia Earle

Let's drink to two great liquids. Here's to the salt water (we'll include the fresh water too), and Ocean Beer".

Dr. Sylvia Earle.

Picture taken at the UNOC 2022

Ocean Born Bars

In the mood for a cold, delicious, ocean-loving beer? Look for us in your nearest bar!

Cristina Mittermeier

Cristina Mittermeier

UN Ambassador for SDG 14
SeaLegacy President & Co Founder
Ocean Born Patron

“Ocean Beer is part of SeaLegacy’s Good Ocean Community which is composed of passionate and proactive business owners unified by an ability and commitment to disrupt the retail industry.

Our founding members are leaders in their space, responding to the growing consumer demand for accountability in how products are produced, distributed and packaged. I am honoured that they have chosen to align with SeaLegacy and with each other, as we take steps towards systemic change in our consumer culture.”

Guillermo Carracedo

Guillermo Carracedo

Ocean Born Patron
Europe’s SUP Surf Champion
4 x Spanish SUP Champion

“I am proud to be an Ocean Born Patron because of its purpose and all the activities related to the brand. I stand by your intentions for the ocean, the surfer community and people everywhere. It is, really awesome and makes me want to do what I can to put a little bit of me into this project.

My dream is for everyone to be able to experience the same connection to the ocean that I feel so that we could all understand why we must protect it.”

Axwell, Ocean Beer

Axel Hedfors, aka Axwell

DJ, Record Producer, Remixer
Owner of Axtone Records
Member of Swedish House Mafia

“Hey! I think Ocean Born is an amazing initiative!

I have such a strong bond to the ocean and I’m deeply worried about the state of it now and in the future – so Ocean Beer donating 100% of their profits to ocean preservation is something that I think is amazing and I’m 100% supporting this cause.”

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