This is how much we were able to donate thanks to you choosing Ocean Beer! We’re pretty proud and hope you are too. “Where does it go?” we hear you ask…

Ocean Beer invests in high impact organisations with incredible teams of activists and scientists steering them, each tackling the problem from a different angle but all aligned in their goal to restore and protect the ocean and its marine life.

Learn more about these initiatives:

Risso's Dolphin Investigation

Save Mediterranean
Risso’s Dolphins

The trash traveler

Advocating for Deposit
Return Schemes in Portugal

Raising Awareness
about Underwater Litter

Research on sperm whale nursing area in the North of Menorca


Prevent human waste
from polluting the ocean

Protection of Fuvamulah’s shark population

Lower fuel
consumption shipping

Banning bottom trawling
from MPAs in Spain

“Your butt is plastic”
awareness campaign