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OCEAN BEER is a Registered brand of FUNDACIÓN OCEAN BORN (hereafter OCEAN BEER) with Spanish ID number G01677699, and registered on the address at Calle Santa Agueda 1, 28004 Madrid, Spain.

OCEAN BEER hereby informs the users of the website https://oceanbeer.com/ of which it is the owner, of the Terms of Access and Use thereof.

The access and use of any website owned by OCEAN BEER implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these General Terms of Access and use by the user, which are in force at all times when the user accesses any of the aforementioned websites. Therefore, these General Terms regulate the access and use of the website which OCEAN BEER makes available to users of the internet, free of charge. The use of certain services offered by some of the websites owned by OCEAN BEER may also be subject to specific provisions which are stipulated in each case, which will be understood as accepted by the User of said services.

When accessing the websites owned by OCEAN BEER the user confirms that they have read this disclaimer. The websites owned by OCEAN BEER are intended for the use of users of legal age.

OCEAN BEER does not guarantee that the content of its websites is appropriate or available in areas outside of Spain. If the complete or partial content of the websites owned by OCEAN BEER are deemed illegal in countries other than Spain, access to them is forbidden from the applicable countries.


The websites owned by OCEAN BEER are governed by Spanish law and are protected by the national and international law on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

OCEAN BEER owns all Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights for the entirety of the information contained on the websites owned by OCEAN BEER, which includes but is not limited to graphic design, illustrations, logos, images, summaries, text, audio, videos, software, designs and symbols, as well as source code, navigational structure, databases and all other elements contained therein, excluding the content owned by third parties to which the user can gain access through hyperlinks.

Under no circumstances will the access or use of the websites owned by OCEAN BEER by users be understood as the granting of a usage licence or right to any asset owned by OCEAN BEER or its legitimate authors, therefore it cannot be understood that Intellectual and/or Industrial Property Rights are being transferred or relinquished in any way.

OCEAN BEER is the only party that is authorised to exercise the exploitation rights regarding the content of its websites in any way or form, with specific emphasis on the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation.

Reproduction, copying, transferal, distribution, transformation, publication and any other activity that could be performed with the information contained on the websites owned by OCEAN BEER, as well as the design and the selection and style of representation of the materials included therein, for any purpose and through any means, is forbidden unless otherwise expressly authorised by OCEAN BEER or the legitimate author.

The unauthorised use of the information contained on the websites owned by OCEAN BEER, any modification or elimination of data, or any breach of the Intellectual or Industrial Property Rights of OCEAN BEER will give rise to the legally established liabilities.


All users of these websites accept that this usage is performed at their own risk, and by accessing said websites the User accepts that said usage must be in accordance with the law and traffic regulations, and that the user will have to answer to OCEAN BEER or other companies for any harm that may be caused as a result of a breach of these obligations.

Both the access of the websites owned by OCEAN BEER and any use that could be made of the information contained therein falls under the exclusive responsibility of whomever does so. OCEAN BEER will not be held accountable for any consequences, harm or damages that may arise from the access or use of said information.

OCEAN BEER accepts no responsibility for any potential security errors that may occur, or any harm or damages that may be caused to the computer system of the user or the documents or files stored therein, as a result of accessing the websites owned by OCEAN BEER or the use of the information or applications contained therein.

OCEAN BEER will not accept any responsibility arising from the inclusion or the content of third-party links that are contained on their websites or that any third parties may have included in hyperlinks. The inclusion of a hyperlink does not imply, under any circumstances, the existence of a relationship between OCEAN BEER and the owner of the website where said link is included, nor the acceptance or approval of the content or services offered therein. Likewise, OCEAN BEER does not guarantee the absence of viruses or any other elements that may cause alterations to the computer system, documents or files of the user, and waives all accountability for harm of any kind that is caused to the user as a result of the use of said third-party links.


OCEAN BEER does not guarantee the relevance, reliability, availability, appropriateness or accuracy of the information or services contained on their websites, which may be updated, modified, or deleted without prior notice and in compliance with the legal provisions regarding information.

OCEAN BEER reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to its websites and to make any modifications it deems appropriate to its websites, the services or information provided therein, the presentation or location of said websites, and the General Terms of Access and Use without prior notice and at any time.


OCEAN BEER, as the owner of its websites, informs users that it is responsible for processing the personal data obtained through said websites, unless express notification of other terms regarding specific processing is provided.

In compliance with the provisions of the applicable law on data protection, OCEAN BEER respects the privacy of Users and the confidentiality and safety of personal data by implementing any legal, technical and organisational measures that are required to prevent the loss, misuse, modification, unauthorised access and theft of the provided personal data, taking into account the status of the technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which said data are exposed.

The personal data of the users of the websites owned by OCEAN BEER will only be obtained for processing when it is appropriate, relevant and non-excessive to do so with regards to the field and purposes for which said data are collected. Therefore, the processing of personal data will be limited to the purposes that the users are informed of in each instance.

When personal data is collected through the websites owned by OCEAN BEER, users will receive prior notification in a clear and unequivocal fashion of the circumstances related to the processing of their data, in accordance with the requirements related to data protection that are currently in force. Likewise, any personal data provided to OCEAN BEER will be stored, provided that the interested party (i) does not request deletion or modification of said data, (ii) does not oppose the processing of their personal data, or (iii) in cases in which processing requires the authorisation of the user, said user does not withdraw their consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and in addition to the terms mentioned herein, the data will be stored in a duly protected fashion, and will exclusively be made available to judges and courts, the Tax Office or the appropriate Public Administrations, data protection authorities in particular, for a period of 3 years, in order to handle any potential claims that may arise regarding the use of said data.

OCEAN BEER will respond to requests received from interested parties with regards to exercising the rights they are entitled to by law through the following postal address: SURFBREWING S.L., Att. Departamento Jurídico, Paseo Marquesa Viuda de Aldama 54, Alcobendas, Madrid 28109 – Spain, or by sending an e-mail to info@ocean-beer.com

For more detailed information regarding data protection, Users should consult the Privacy Policy of OCEAN BEER.


All matters related to the websites owned by OCEAN BEER will be governed by Spanish law. OCEAN BEER and its Users reject any other jurisdiction and therefore submit to the courts of Spain.

All information obtained via the websites owned by OCEAN BEER will be considered as transferred to OCEAN BEER free of charge.

If Users wish to submit a claim, enquiry, or suggestion, they can do so through info@ocean-beer.com

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