Ocean Born Foundation

At the Ocean Born Foundation, we are 100% different.

We were founded in December 2020 to create new sources of sustainable revenue against climate change by focusing on the health of the ocean. We do this by bringing to market competitive products made with as little environmental impact as possible, while committing 100% of profits from its products, such as Ocean Beer, to initiatives dedicated to restoring and protecting the ocean. The Ocean Born brand and its products are endowments for the ocean. 

At Ocean Born we do this recognising that we are interconnected with nature, and with each other, and that what we do to the planet and its living creatures, we do to ourselves.

Our goal is to mitigate the adverse effects that we, as humans, are causing to our oceans. Climate change and rapid ocean deterioration are a fact. Doing something about it is a choice. We have made our choice to take part in this fight for our planet’s future.


This is how much we were able to donate thanks to you choosing Ocean Beer! We’re pretty proud and hope you are too. “Where does it go?” we hear you ask…

Ocean Beer invests in high impact organisations with incredible teams of activists and scientists steering them, each tackling the problem from a different angle but all aligned in their goal to restore and protect the ocean and its marine life.

To read more about specific initiatives, you can get more info here. 

Caring for the ocean requires choosing planet-friendly brands

The Ocean Born Foundation is a grant making organisation which relies on the profits from our commercial activities to generate funds. With your purchases of Ocean Beer and Ocean Born Lifestyle you contribute directly to restore and protect the ocean. 

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