We already have an amazing carbon sink technology, the ocean, rather than invent a new one, let's restore and protect this natural one"

Carolina Manhusen Schwab
President & Co-Founder
Guillermo Carracedo Surfer

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we do inside the Ocean Born Foundation, we do it for the ocean.

The magestic ocean supports and sustains every living species on the planet, but we simply cannot survive without a healthy ocean and now the ocean is in danger, So It’s our time to support the ocean.

In this amazing day we would like to you invite you to become an Ocean Warrior, and fight with us for a better planet.

What can you do to help the Ocean?

For each Ocean Beer yur drink, you are directly contibuting to restore and proect the ocean. 

Your drink, and we donate 100% of your beer profits to the ocean!.

Amazing cloth, low impact on the planet and 100% of the profits goes to the ocean.

Are you in Jersey and you want to do an amazing cleanup with the people of Ocean Culture Life.

Join the cleanup supported by Ocean Beer.

08 June | Jersey

Join Andreas in his amazing trash cycle through portugal to raise awareness about the plastic pollution. 

June | Portugal

Join the Waves of Change Forum about collaborative solutions to tackle climate change and preserve our biodiversity.

06-08 June | Biarritz

Join The Tide to help create healthy oceans, one solution at a time, and receive exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Meet our fantastic Ocean Born Patron
Cristina Mittermeier

UN Ambassador for SDG 14
SeaLegacy President & Co Founder
NatGeo Photographer & Ocean Born Patron