Sustainability & Responsability

At Ocean Beer, sustainability lies at our core and we will work tirelessly to continuously improve.

We strive for low water output across our products and logistics  capability, including in water usage, energy  efficiency, packaging and transport.

We are currently measuring our carbon footprint; our aim being to reduce, as well as offset, our emissions by the end of every year.

We strive to be a fair and transparent organisation, not only regarding our  mission but in our actions with clients, distributors, providers and other  partners. We carefully screen and select all those we work with.

We want to ensure everyone understands the power we each have as  consumers to make a difference through our consumption choices.

100% Committed

Becoming increasingly planet-friendly is a journey of constant improvement.
If you have any suggestions to how we can do better, reach out to us. We’re all ears!

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