Why does the Ocean matter?

The magestic ocean supports and sustains every living species on the planet. We simply cannot survive without a healthy ocean.

With every breath we take, with every drop we drink, we’re connected to the ocean, and we and all living things depend on its vitality to support and sustain us. 

The ocean allows us to breathe.

The ocean supplies 70% of the world’s oxygen.

The ocean is one of the world's largest carbon sinks.

Around 25% of CO2 emissions are absorbed by the ocean where they can be store for millennia.

The ocean regulates our climate.

The ocean regulates the Earth’s climate transporting heat from the equator to the poles and regulating our climate and weather patterns.

The ocean is home to much of the life on our planet.

In addition to the million known species in the ocean, scientists estimate that 91% of ocean species have yet to be classified.

Pollution in the Ocean
Marine Pollution

The ocean feeds us.

The ocean is the number one source of protein for more than two billion people making it a critcal source of food. In addition to seafood, ingredients from the ocean are found in a surprising number of foods.

The ocean is critical to our economy & transportation.

The ocean is an important source of jobs, and a major source of income, currently contributing 2.5% of global GDP and providing employment to 1.5% of the global workforce.

The ocean is the main mode of transport for world trade with c. 90% of traded goods carried over the waves, which connect cities and countries around the world, and drive economic activity and trade.

The ocean supplies us with medicine.

A large and increasing number of medicines, originate from the ocean including ingredients that help fight cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

The Ocean matters

The responsibility to restore the ocean back to health has fallen on all of us alive today. We are the first to truly understand the problem – and the last with a chance to do anything about it.

The encouraging news is the rapid growth in number of individuals and organisations that understand the urgency and are taking action.

At Ocean Beer and the Ocean Born Foundation we are fully committed to this global effort and are directing all our resources to this cause. We are a brand with a purpose. 

This is the decade in which change must happen.

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