Cookaluzka Madrid

Down-home eatery with a diverse range of plant-based offerings such as burgers, pasta & desserts.

Cañadío Madrid

Chic spot serving Cantabrian dishes in a stylish dining room, in addition you can enjoy Spanish wines, Ocean Beer & tapas at the bar.

Bistro Árbol

Bistro Arbol Lanzarote

Cozy restaurant, run by people from the area, offering healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes.

H20 Juice Bar & Vegan Café

H2O Juice Bar & Vegan Cafè

Wide variety of juices, vegan burgers, sandwiches and cakes served in a cozy cafeteria with a tree-lined terrace.

Ganza Pizza

Ganza PIzza Fuerteventura

Modern concept of “pizza al taglio”. High quality ingredients, long natural fermentation for a healthy and highly digestible pizza. Informal and dynamic atmosphere.