The idea and goal of No Ifs or Butts is a big one…

To STOP cigarettes butts from entering to the ocean.

At Ocean Beer we feel pretty strongly about the fact that cigarette butts are one of the top plastic polluters in the ocean… and unseen to the naked eye. It is estimated that around 8 million butts are being flicked into the environment every minute, and as they break down into micro- plastic, they cause significant harm to animals and marine life…and enter our food chain.

Don’t get us wrong, we of course place equal importance on the eradication of cigarette butts as well as other types of rubbish, but as Ocean Beer is often drunk on the coasts, and often with a cigarette in a hand, we have become acutely aware of this problem.

No Ifs or Butts is focussed on finding solutions to the problem and the impact of cigarette butts – rather than telling smokers to quit. We have also realised that there is a complete lack of information out there for people to learn more about this problem.

The cold, hard facts are that:

1 ) Cigarette butts are plastic.

2) Cigarette filters are the last acceptable form of plastic littering.

3) Cigarette butts are the number 1 item picked up on beaches worldwide.

Cigarette filters are made up of a plastic called cellulose acetate, a man-made plastic material which contains hundreds of toxic chemicals. It looks like a harmless piece of cotton but is, in effect, micro particles of plastic.

Every filter that enters our ocean contaminates 8-10 litres of sea water (or upto 50 litres of freshwater).

Get Involved

No Ifs Or Butts will be announcing various activities that we would be delighted for our Ocean Warriors to be a part of.
Keep an eye on our Instagram to find out what happening where and when.

In the mean – time, check out these cute, little butt boxes to stub your ciggies in! DON’T FLICK IT, BIN IT!