Guillermo Carracedo

Surfer Champion

Guillermo studied medicine at the university of Santiago de Compostela, but, his passion for sports, and surfing in particular, took him down a different path.  Though he started his sports career later than most, at 18 years old, he started  with a passion, and it wasn’t long before he was among the world’s top surf  athletes. As of September 2021 he is Spain’s four times national SUP surf  champion for both circuit and cup, he’s world’s top 5 champion in ISA & APP  individual modality and sub champion with the Spanish Federation.

His passion for surfing goes beyond competing, he loves discovering new places  to surf, finding the most challenging waves and share them with all his digital  community.

“I am proud to be an Ocean Born Patron because of the purpose and all the  activities related with and behind the brand.

I stand by your intentions for the ocean, for the surfer community and for people  everywhere. It is really awesome and makes me want to do what  I can to put a little bit of me into this project.

My dream is for everyone to be able to experience the same connection to the ocean that I fell so that we could all understand why we must protect it.”

About our beers Guillermo says: “My favourite Ocean Beer is the 0.0%. I love it! It is the perfect drink after a good surf session or when you are out with  friends. The taste is incredible.”