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We are just great people working together for a healthy ocean.

Gravity Wave

Gravity Wave is a social impact, circular economy and environmentally conscious company, driven by the environmental awareness, driven by solving one of humanity’s biggest challenges: plastic pollution of the seas and oceans. of humanity: the plastic pollution of seas and oceans. 

We clean up plastic from the seabed and transform it into designer products with long life and high sustainable value for society, through a circular economy process.

circular economy process. In addition, we prevent the plastic that is still being generated from ending up back into the waters, through its marine fishing net management system, set up in different ports of the management system set up in the different ports of Spain.

We know that the best way to achieve this mission is to join forces. For this reason, we have a community of more than 5,000 traditional fishermen who help us to remove plastic from the seas and ports of Spain.

plastic from the seas and ports; we have a presence in more than 100 ports located in the Mediterranean, Cantabrian Sea, Cantabrian the Mediterranean, Cantabrian and Atlantic; and we collaborate with more than 95 companies that promote and contribute to this and contribute to this purpose, through different projects of cleaning and revalorisation of plastic waste and revaluation of plastic waste from the sea.

In order to guarantee the greatest transparency in the traceability of our entire value chain, at Gravity Wave chain, at Gravity Wave we use Blockchain technology, which allows us to carry out an exhaustive and truthful exhaustive and truthful monitoring of all the phases of our circular economy process: collection, recycling economy process: collection, recycling, shredding and transformation. Thanks to a unique code that is generated at each collection, it is possible to know how many kg of plastic have been collected and what they have become.

Why we choose to work with Gravity Wave?







Our "Gravity Wave" product

Every time we get a bar to join our project, it is an honor for us and we appreciate their commitment to a better world.

We looked for the best way to recognize this commitment and we thought that the best way would be to give them a plaque.

But a plaque with history, that represents what we want to promote: “The union of different companies, businesses, projects, ideas and people will make the change that this world needs”.


A better world is possible, we just have
to row all together for the same side.

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